About Ted

TedTed Fields has been an artist since he was a teenager. He became a
dentist to support his artistic habit. He worked first in pottery,
then in found objects, and most recently has turned his whimsy to
graphic arts. Now retired from dentistry, he works full time in a
studio in Washington, DC.

Critics describe “a populist ironic edge” in his work, likening his
pieces to the works of Duchamp and Magritte. His wicked humor is
expressed in surrealism and a gentle observation of absurdity.

His latest works, a series of 42 abstract paintings, satirize the
absurdity evident in the graphs and projections of economists and
financial journalists.

Ted Fields’ new paintings capture with visual humor and beauty the way
data presentations tend to make excessive claims of scientific
accuracy. The works illustrate what most people learn only through
painful personal experience, or perhaps never learn – that data
projections are more art than science. Thus the series is called Dada